Karen Koon

Production Assistant & 3D Artist based in Seattle, WA

With a passion for everything relating to producing (including the hours of typing documents/spreadsheets!), my goal is to help deliver meaningful art.

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Available Now Looking for work in either 3D art, game testing, or production.

Email karenlkoon@outlook.com




Substance Designer
Substance Painter
Microsoft Office
Hi Poly Modeling
Lo Poly Modeling
Physical Based Rendering


3D Art



Production Assistant

Seattle, WA · April 2017 – Present

Due to the lack of productivity in development, I was hired to re-motivate the team and clear up any confusion in the the development process. My primary duties include developing a formula pipeline for storytelling in VR, facilitating meetings, making sure milestone goals are met, and communicating across the development team and the headquarters.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Teacher Assistant

Seattle, WA · Sept 2016 – Present

Creates and delivers lectures for game development, such as optimizing assets for game engines as well as implementing those assets into Unity. Also assists students with both technical and soft skills, problem solving any issues encountered throughout game development.

Programs that I have taught include Maya 2016, ZBrush, Photoshop, and Substance Painter/Designer.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Summer Camp Student Instructor

Seattle, WA · August 2016 – August 2016

Planned and enthusiastically guided students through a week long course in animation with Chris Dougherty, where we worked with the rig from meryproject.com in Maya 2015/2016. Many of the students had never worked in a 3D program before, but picked up on it quickly by practicing the principles of animation on a sphere to start.

The second week was a entirely new course in rapid prototyping, planned by our teacher Vic Bonilla at AIE and delivered by Chris and I to a few students, most of which had returned from the animation camp.


Game Advisor

Issaquah, WA · September 2015 – July 2016

Worked part-time to gain an understanding of what customers look for in their games, and to see the industry from a consumers perspective so that I would be able to consider those opinions as my future team and I produce games for that audience.


Commissioned Artist

At Home · July 2014 – July 2014

Collaborated with a client through e-mail to create a 2D monkey and male/female mechanics using Inkscape (a program I had previously never heard of). In addition to the characters, I created animation frames for the monkey so that it would eat a treat as a reward for solving a problem correctly.

link to showcase of work:


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development

Seattle Campus · August 2015 – Present

Instructed by Vic Bonilla and Jim Millar, both of who’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, I am studying the current industry standard programs. Additionally, I have played the role of producer in all of the group projects I have collaborated in, learning about scoping, pipelining, and adapting to suit each individual team’s needs.

Bellevue College

Digital Media Arts

Bellevue, WA · September 2014 – June 2015

Attended as a running start student during my senior year of high school. Although I did not actually complete the degree, I used it as a guideline for the classes that would be essential to help me transition into the game industry